Anran Guo is a female queer artist currently based in Hamilton and Toronto. She grew up in China and came to Canada in 2014. She holds a Hounors Bachelor of Arts in Art and Art History from University of Toronto Mississauga (a joint program with Sheridan College) and Certificate in Curatorial Studies. Guo is currently enrolled in Master of Visual Studies program at the University of Toronto. 


Anran Guo is primarily focused on sculptures and installations, her works are critical and playful that offer layered readings, and usually is in response to political issues and social issues. Guo tends to use daily objects as material or take the form of daily objects. Dis-functioning the original objects and creating paradox are the most usual approaches she uses to manipulate the visual information of the objects.


Guo always tries to let the material tells its story automatically, she believes the works with the least “interference” by the artists usually are the ones with the most powerful visual and conceptual effect.

CV updated June, 2020