I am emerging artist currently based in Ontario, Canada, I grew up in China and came to Canada in 2014. I hold a Honours Bachelor of Arts in Art and Art History from the University of Toronto Mississauga (a joint program with Sheridan College) and a Certificate in Curatorial Studies. 


I primarily focuses on sculpture and installation, I tend to use ordinary daily objects as material in my practice, my works usually are minimal and conceptual. I believe art is a language to express myself and to speak for the people whose voice cannot be heard. Majority of my works are responses toward environmental and social-political issues.

 Dis-functioning the original objects and creating paradox are the most usual approaches I use to manipulate the visual information of the objects. My belief is to let the material tells its story automatically. I barely force the material to hold a certain form by using tape or glue, I feel it is very important to respect the material’s nature. I believe the work with the least “interference” by the artists usually are the ones with the most powerful visual and conceptual effect.


My art language system is built on the visual denotation of everything in daily life, because those are the things that people are familiar with, which also have the least language barrier for people from different culture. My works are developed with this language system that viewers do not need a background in art history. As I treat the objects as what they are, ideally, I do not make anything in my art practice, I represent objects in an “unnatural” or “unusual” way to form messages that makes viewers wonder.

CV updated June, 2020


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