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B. 1996 Dalian, China. Currently works and studies in Toronto



Artist Statement

I believe art is a language to express myself and to speak for people whose voice cannot be heard. My works are simple, critical and playful that offered layered readings, which usually deal with themes about political issues, social issues and environmental issues.


I like to use ordinary everyday objects as material, because they are material withthe least “language barrier” that everyone can relate to. Mygoal is to let the material tell its story automatically, I feel it is very important to respect the material’s nature, and everything I add to the works will have its own meanings, which also minimized my action to my works. 

Dis-functioning the original objects and creating paradox are the most common approaches I use to manipulate the visual information embodied in the objects. For example, “The Knot” is made by fire hose which I tied a Chines knot on it to disable its function, while Chinese knot also symbolize happiness and safety.  


My art “language system” is built on basis of people’s understanding of the objects surround them: chairs are for people to sit, cushions are soft and comfortable, garbage bins are for things that are useless… Ideally, I do not make anything in my art practice, I re-present objects in an “unnatural” or “unusual” way that makes viewers wonder. 

CV updated February, 2020