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Untitled (The Hanging Head)

Material: mirror, plaster portrait of the artist, red latex balloon, nut, aircraft cable

Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm x 300cm(variable)


"Untitled (Hanging Head)" is a work not only reflecting Anran Guo’s own experience of self-cognition as a homosexual woman, but also is in response to an article which is about AI is able to distinguish people are gay or straight by reading their facial features. Anran Guo believes people’s identity should never be based on their face, instead, it should be based on their self-cognition.

Untitled (Hanging Head) is made by a large red latex balloon, a piece of mirror, a metal nut and a plaster self-portrait of her. The plaster self-portrait is put into the balloon, sealed by the nut, and hanged about 20 cm above the mirror. The balloon submerged most of the facial characteristics on the self-portrait, and only parts are recognizable due to the gravity.

The mirror is referring to the self-cognition, according to the theory, a human can only recognize themselves from the mirror from 2-3 years old. The size of the mirror and the narrow distance between the balloon and the mirror, made the face of the self-portrait can only be saw in the mirror, and also create a tendency of crashing. This intentional design is for reducing the focus of viewer’s viewing to one point and luring viewers to interact with the work and participate in the journey of self-cognition.

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