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Anran Guo_image1.jpeg

The Knot

Material: Fire Hose

10cm x 100cm x 210cm (variable)



The Knot is made by a fire hose from China, it is a statement addressing the tragic fate of migrant workers in Beijing eviction of 2017, which tens of thousands of migrant workers were removed from their homes into harsh winter conditions with little or no notice. The mass eviction was caused by a fire in a crammed and unsafe apartment building in which nineteen people were killed. Instead of improving the living condition of these migrant workers and increasing supervision to install standard sprinkler system and fireproofing, the government chooses to evict all group-oriented tenants in three days with zero support.  

Anran Guo twisted the fire hose into a traditional Chinese knot which originally symbolizing peace, safety and good fortune, at the same time the Chinese knot dysfunctional the fire hose which originally works as a tool to save people. The Knot represents both a critique of governmental actions and a tribute to the workers’ suffering.


Anran Guo_image2.jpeg

The Knot (detail)

Anran Guo_image3.jpeg

The Knot (detail)

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